Wondering where to buy bulk jelly mix for jelly wrestling?

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Crazy Town Parties sends jelly wrestling supplies and jelly wrestling pools worldwide!

If you are planning on hosting a party with a difference you can't go past the fun and excitment of a Jelly wrestling party. Jelly pits provide hilarious entertainment for both spectators and participants, and is a spectacle that once experienced will never be forgotten. Crazy Town Parties uses a unique jelly formula to create a wonderfully slimy texture for your wrestling pleasure.

Bulk jelly! Now Available in 3 Bright Colours - Orange, Red and Green!

Green red orange jello wrestling crystals small
DIY Jelly Wrestling Kit

Crazy Town Parties can supply you with a 1.8kg Package of BRIGHT RED, ORANGE or GREEN easy set jelly wrestling crystals.  Simply add water to make approx. 360 - 400L of slippery jelly wrestling jello mix.

NO REFRIDGERATION necessary! No need for expensive or messy food coloring!
(our jello mix is produced with the color added during manufacturing of the crystals, this ensures the richest possible color, we do not ever supply clear crystals).  

Our jelly is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. Unlike real jelly it will not break down in the hot sun or from the heat of the warm bodies wrestling in it so you will be able to wrestle all day and all night long.

Set up at least 2hrs before your event to allow for the crystals to jellify.

Price: $129 per package of jelly wrestling crystals. Free express postage Australia wide! 
*We also post Jelly Wrestling Packages to New Zealand (NZ), South Africa and The United States of America (USA) - Prices including post are below. For other countries please contact us for a quote.

Crazy Town Parties are now the only company in Australia to sell jelly wrestling mix as well as huge inflatable jelly wrestling pools. These pools are larger than the normal kids pools found at most department stores in Australia. They are 3m in diametre and are perfect for jelly wrestling!!! 

Please note
- product is not intended for consumption.
- we recommend placing some form of padding underneath your pool when wrestling on hard surfaces.

Click here for detailed Jelly Wrestling Rules!

Scroll down for video demonstrations on how to set up a jelly wrestling pool, how to easily dispose of the jelly after wrestling and more

Buy your jelly wrestling kits right here!

2 x Jelly Wrestling Packages - Free Delivery Australia Wide
  • 2 x Jelly Wrestling Packages - Free Delivery Australia Wide


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2 x 1.8Kg package of Red, Orange or Green Jelly Wrestling Formula. Add approx. 380 - 400L of water per package. Set up at least 2hrs before your event to allow for the crystals to jellify.

Allow 4 working days for delivery.

If faster delivery is required call John on 0401 167 579 or Jake on 0431 317 116 to discuss if this is possible.

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$1,290.00 Save 23%!

Planning a huge Jelly Wrestling Tournament or looking at doing regular jelly wrestling events. Buy in bulk to save lots of money!!!

Save $300 by purchasing 10 tubs of jelly at a time.

Great for night clubs and bars doing regular promo nights.

Please allow up to 5-6 working days for delivery.

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Ladder Golf
  • Ladder Golf
In cart Not available Out of stock

One Ladder Golf set.

Each set Includes:
- One game ladder consisting of 3 coloured rungs, 12 x white frame bars, 6 x 90 degree connectors and 6 x T connections.
- 3 red bolas and 3 blue bolas 
- How to play guide on the side of the box.

Some easy assembly required.

"Voted GQ Magazine's best beer in hand game of 2010" (please note: drinking beer or alcohol is not a requirement in the standard version of this game).

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Hilarious jelly wrestling clips

Buy a Jelly Wrestling Package today!

Jelly Wrestling is fun for everyone

Jelly Wrestling is fun for everyone

Jelly Wrestling, it's easy... Just add water!

The no. 1 Jelly wrestling supplier in the world.

The no. 1 Jelly wrestling supplier in the world.

How do you make a jelly wrestling pool?

Below is a video demonstrating just how easy it is to set up a jelly wrestling pit using our unique jelly wrestling product.
(The video was supplied by our sister company in the USA  - Jello Wrestling Supply)

Instructional video for setting up a jelly pool

Our Jelly does not stain clothes

One of the best advantages of buying jelly wrestling jello from crazytownparties.com is that our product does not stain clothes. View the video below produced by our US subsidiary company for more information about washing your clothes after wrestling. 
Warning! Some brands of real jello and some of our competitors jelly wrestling products do stain clothes. Stick with us for stain free wrestling.

How to dispose of the jelly after wrestling

Our jelly wrestling mix is 100% non toxic and biodegradable. After your event you can shovel the product into garden beds, dump it in large rubbish bins or dumpsters, or flush it down suitable sized drains. Alternatively you can watch the short video below produced by our subsidiary company which demonstrates how you can easily turn the jello back into water for easy disposal. The only product on the market with an easy disposal video!

Jelly Wrestling is unforgettable

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