Wondering where to buy bulk jelly mix for jelly wrestling?

Crazy Town Parties sends jelly wrestling supplies Australia wide!
(We can also ship internationally to New Zealand)
If you are planning on hosting a party with a difference you can't go past the fun and excitement of a Jelly Wrestling Party.
Jelly wrestling pools and pits provide hilarious entertainment for both spectators and participants, and is a spectacle that once experienced will never be forgotten.
Our unique Party GOAT jelly formula creates a wonderfully slimy & chunky jello texture for your wrestling pleasure.
So easy... Just add water!
2 x Jelly Wrestling Packages - Makes 760L of Jelly! Free Postage within Australia!
  • 2 x Jelly Wrestling Packages - Makes 760L of Jelly! Free Postage within Australia!



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2 x 1.8Kg package of Red, Orange or Green Jelly Wrestling Formula. Add approx. 380L of water per package. Set up at least 3hrs before your event to allow for the crystals to jellify.

Allow 4 working days for delivery.

If faster delivery is required call John on 0401 167 579 or Jake on 0431 317 116 to discuss if this is possible.

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In the USA? Visit our USA based websites Party GOAT or Jello Wrestling Supply.

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Bulk jelly! Now Available in 3 Bright Colours - Orange, Red and Green!

DIY Jelly Wrestling Kit!
🥳 1.8kg Package of BRIGHT RED, ORANGE or GREEN easy set jelly wrestling crystals. 

🥳 Simply add water to make 380L of slippery jelly wrestling jello mix.

🥳 NO REFRIGERATION necessary! Our Party GOAT branded wrestling jelly will not melt in the hot sun. Set in any temperature. 

🥳 Our jelly is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. Non sticky and non staining wrestling jelly. Unlike regular jelly it will not break down in the hot sun or from the heat of the warm bodies wrestling in it. You will be able to wrestle all day and all night long!

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Our Jelly does not stain clothes

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