Who are we?

Crazy Town Parties is an Australian based business with a portfolio of international brands.  We sell unique, fun, and visually spectacular products that have been designed to make your parties and events the most entertaining and memorable. It is our goal to make your parties the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). We have a new website that offers products for sale in Australia, USA and Canada, with all products held in local warehouses within each country. Click here to view our new Party GOAT website - https://partygoat.com.au 

Our Brands

Glow Party World ®

Glow Party World ® is dedicated to helping you have the best Glow in the Dark parties using UV black lights and neon party supplies! Click here for the best black lights and here for amazing neon party decorations. Our black lights have been specially designed for parties using the latest LED technology. Our neon party decorations are made from bright fluorescent material that is guaranteed to glow brightly underneath UV Black lights. Buy Glow Party World Products in Australia Here 🇦🇺 or Visit our USA site for more information - www.glowpartyworld.com 🇺🇸.

Party GOAT ®

Party GOAT ® is a brand for those that like a bit of messy fun! Instant Slime, Instant Mud and Jelly Wrestling mix, specially designed to help you let loose, and bring out your inner child. These products are great for party games as well as school fundraisers and fun runs. Raise money to slime your teacher, have a slime colour run, create a mud obstacle course, or wrestle your friends in a giant pool of Jelly. These are just a few of the hilarious and memorable activities on offer from Party GOAT. Click here to buy Party GOAT products in Australia 🇦🇺 or visit our USA version of the website here for American customers  - www.partygoat.com 🇺🇸.