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How to make lots of slime for slime games

Instant slime mix!

Party GOAT Instant slime mix allows you to cover your friends, family, teachers, co-workers or enemies in a disgustingly, slippery, slimy, sludge. Our awesome slime mix comes in 4 vibrant colours which are perfect for a long list of slime games, slime colour fights and fundraising activities. 

Each bag of Party GOAT Instant slime mix makes 120L of thick slime! That's at least 15 large buckets! Buy slime below or read on for more information about slime. Please note - Links will take you to our USA based website Party GOAT. To buy in AUD come back to this page.

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Party GOAT Instant Slime Mix (95L) - Free postage within Australia


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One package of Instant slime powder makes 95L of slime. Available in 4 colours. Just add water!

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Instant Slime Battle Pack - All 4 colours - up to 40L of each colour! Free express postage within Australia!

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Instant Slime Battle packs contain enough slime powder to make up to 40L of each slime colour. One package includes Green Slime, Blue Slime, Yellow Slime and Pink Slime. Perfect for slime fun runs, slime fights, slime games and epic slime fundraisers. Have slime blaster stations at your next school colour run!

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4 x green slime for Skye in New Zealand

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4 x green slime packages to make 380L of green slime. Including postage to New Zealand

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Slime guide - Everything you need to know about Instant Slime!

How to make slime!

Making huge quantities of slime is as simple as adding water to a bucket and sprinkling in some slime powder. The powder will instantly transform into a disgusting sloppy sludge that is perfect for sliming someone!

What is Party GOAT Instant Slime?