Obstacle Course hire no longer available. Obstacle Courses for sale

Crazy Town Parties is in the process of changing from a hire business to an equipment sales business. We are no longer offering hire equipment. If you are interested in purchasing this awesome 15m Tropical Escape inflatable obstacle course, please click here to register your interest. We will then be able to send you prices and more information on owning your own inflatable obstacle course -  Buy inflatable obstacle courses Australia.

Tropical Escape Inflatable Obstacle Course Hire

The Tropical Escape inflatable obstacle course is available for hire on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Tweed Coast and Gympie. View our delivery area map here.

See which of your friend's is the fastest at escaping the jungle with this Tropical Escape inflatable obstacle course challenge. Great for parties, fun runs, colour runs and more.

Dry option - No Pool Attached

Dry option - No Pool Attached

Wet/Waterslide option - Pool Attached

Wet/Waterslide option - Pool Attached

Tropical Escape - Dry option (no water)

Terms - If you select and pay for the Tropical Escape Dry option, you will not be able to change your mind, and decide to wet the inflatable on the day of the hire. Wet obstacle courses require a pool added to the end. This is both for fun and safety. Wet obstacle courses incur additional fees due to the addition of the pool and the extra cleaning and drying costs involved.  

Requirements We require a standard 240volt power outlet within 50m of the set up area. Generators are NOT a standard item, however we may be able to arrange one for you, if required, for an additional fee. Please contact us if power is not available for your booking. 

Size (dry option) 15m long x 4m wide. Requires a minimum of 16m x 5m of available space.

4 Lane Option - The tropical escape has two lanes for races. We have two Tropical Escape obstacle courses. For large events you can hire two inflatables which we can place side by side for four lane races. Prices are automatically reduced for additional units ($100 discount).

Longer Options - The Tropical Escape has also been designed so that it can be attached to other obstacle courses in our range to extend the length. The Tropical Escape can be attached to the 15m long Colour Run, making a 30m long course, and/or attached the the 15m Octopus Attack to make an obstacle course up to 45m long. By selecting more than one inflatable obstacle course for your event you will be entitled to package discounts. You can grab your discount code here.

Surface The product can be set up on grass, concrete or indoors (if space allows). Please advise us if you will be setting up on a surface other than grass, so that suitable anchors can be supplied.

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