Sumo Suit Hire no longer available. Sumo Suits for sale

Crazy Town Parties is in the process of changing from a hire business to an equipment sales business. We are no longer offering hire equipment. If you are interested in purchasing Sumo Suits, please click here to register your interest. We will then be able to send you prices and more information on owning your own set of Sumo Suits - Buy Sumo Suits Australia.

Hire Sumo Suits Today! Sumo Wrestling is hilarious and heaps of fun!

Sumo suits will provide fantastic entertainment at your next party or event. Sumo wrestling is as much fun for the spectators watching as it is for the participants wrestling! Guaranteed to get a bunch of laughs, as your friend's battle it out for the crown of ultimate sumo champion! 

Delivery Locations - Sumo wrestling hires are available in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Gympie and Tweed Coast regions. View our delivery area map here.

What you get? -  We supply sumo wrestling fat suits, padded helmets (with funny looking traditional Japanese style topknots), gloves and a round wrestling mat. Adult's and Kid's sizes are available. 

Quality Equipment and Safety - I urge you to keep quality in mind to ensure fun and safety. At Crazy Town Parties we keep hearing reports of other sumo wrestling companies providing poor quality and unsafe equipment with practically no padding, no wrestling mat supplied, and old suits that look and smell terrible.

Our sumo suits are great quality, and have plenty of padding, particularly in the belly and chest (where the most contact is made and where protection is required the most). We also supply padded head gear and gloves. Our sumo equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every hire. We supply a 5m diameter wrestling mat to keep the action contained to a designated area.


Sumo Wrestling Suit Hire Video

Note: We now have different helmets and mats to those shown in the video below.

Prices -

Standard Adult Sumo Wrestling set - $330 for an all day or overnight hire.

Includes 2 adult sumo wrestling suits, helmets, gloves and a wrestling mat. 

Kid's Sumo Wrestling set - $290 for an all day or overnight hire.

Includes 2 kid's sumo wrestling suits, helmets, gloves and a wrestling mat.

Supervision: Our standard prices DO NOT include supervision, as most customers choose to self supervise. We can however provide supervision for your event at a per product / per hour charge (minimum 3 hours). At least 2 WEEKS NOTICE is to be provided prior to your event to allow enough time to make arrangements. 

Monday - Saturday Supervision Hire - $40 per/hr

Sunday Supervision Hire - $50 per/hr

*There is an option to add "Supervision" to your booking via our booking page 

Please note: All day bookings will start and finish on the same day. Overnight hire pick ups, are scheduled according to location, and usually start from 10am the following day.

Want a Royal Rumble?

Additional sets of suits can be added so that 4 people, 6 people or 8 people can wrestle at the one time. Increasing the number of units reduces the price per unit. Hire 2 sets of Adult sumo suits for $300 per set (4 suits), hire 3 sets of adult suits for $280 per set (6 suits), hire 4 sets of adult sumo suits for $250 per set (8 suits). 

Hire 2 sets of kid's sumo suits for $200 per set (4 suits).

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