Slime Fun Runs Australia

Want to change up this year's school fun run and add some new excitement? Try a slime fun run! Below we show you how easy it is to set up slime blaster stations at your next school fun run to cover the kid's in slippery, sloppy and super colourful slime!

What is a Slime Fun Run?

A slime fun run is usually a fundraising event held by schools, churches, sports groups or organizations to raise money for worthy causes. Participants raise money, or pay to compete in a long distance race. The length of the course can vary depending on the age of the participants. To make the race more fun than a regular fun run, a slime fun run involves lots of sloppy, disgusting slime that is usually blasted at competitors as they run around the track. If you have ever experienced a colour powder run, the set up is very similar. However instead of participants being showered in colorful powder, they are sprayed with super colorful slime. Participants are encouraged to wear white shirts. By the end of the race they will look like a rainbow of splattered colours. 

Where to buy slime for a slime run?

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, get it online here! Or visit our school friendly website "Mighty Memorable" for a bunch of slime and fun run products

At Crazy Town Parties we have been supplying obstacle courses and fun run supplies for over 10 years. Every year schools would come back to us looking for a new attraction to add to their fun runs to keep the kids excited about participating in the next year's race. We knew how popular colour powder runs had become and wanted to expand on this idea. We also knew that kid's love slime! So we set about creating a product that would make a huge amount of slime, with ease, in a range of vibrant colours. We are proud to introduce our Party GOAT branded Instant Slime (designed to make your fun run the Greatest Of All Time 🐐). 

Our 'slime battle packages' contain 4 different colours of slime powder. Each individual color sachet makes 40L of sloppy slime (Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green). That's 160L of slime per package!

Party GOAT Instant Slime is - 

  • Non sticky and non staining. It easily wipes off the skin and will wash out of clothes in a normal cycle.
  • Non Toxic, and biodegradable. MSDS and toxicological risk assessments can be supplied upon request. 
  • Compliant with the Toy Safety Standard in Australia and New Zealand - AS/NZS ISO 8124.1: 2019.
  • Non scented. Pet friendly. Gluten free.  

If you are in the USA please visit our USD based website to buy Instant Slime - Party GOAT.

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Instant Slime Battle packs contain enough slime powder to make up to 40L of each slime colour. One package includes Green Slime, Blue Slime, Yellow Slime and Pink Slime. Perfect for slime fun runs, slime fights, slime games and epic slime fundraisers. Have slime blaster stations at your next school colour run!

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How much slime do I need for a fun run?

It is entirely up to you how slimy you want to make your event. Each bag of slime powder makes quite a lot of slime, so slime blaster stations are a budget friendly option, guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment. If you are running with a slime theme only we would suggest that you set up at least 4 slime stations, perhaps with a different colour of slime at each point. Alternatively some schools like to add a slime station or two, to their colour powder runs. If you are going with this option we suggest you put the slime stations before the colour powder stations. The two products work together very well. The slime will wet the participants in a sloppy goo, and then the colour powder will stick to the slime ensuring the participants end up incredibly colorful. We have put together some simple slime calculations below to help you decide how much slime you may want for your event. 

Water blasters that are suitable for use as slime blasters, usually hold around 200-500ml of slime. If you want each participant to be sprayed at least once at each of the 4 slime stations, then you will want around 1L to 2L of slime per participant. Party GOAT slime comes in individual colour packages that each make 120L of slime, or battle packages that make 40L of all 4 colours (160L total). For slime fun runs we highly recommend our battle packages as the small sachets make a perfect amount of slime for a large tub (like the ones shown in the pictures) and the kid's will love the range of slime colours.

For a school of 100 kids we would suggest 1 slime battle pack.

For a school of 200 kids we would suggest 2 to 3 slime battle packs.   

For a school of 500 kids we would suggest 4 to 6 slime battle packs.

For a school of 1,000 kids we would suggest 8 to 12 slime battle packs.