Top 10 ways to get people naked at parties

How to throw a party where everyone gets naked!


The top 10 tips to ensure nude debauchery


1. Drinking Games


Drinking games are great because they generally start out with simple drinking rules but as the night progresses and people become more comfortable around each other you can slowly add in nudity rules to the games (e.g. strip poker style – loser removes one item of clothing until everybody ends up naked, kings/circle of death – If you draw a certain card you must remove an item of clothing).



2. Invite comfortable nudists


Invite people who you know will be comfortable getting naked in front of others while playing games or having fun. Nudity has a snowball effect. Once a few people start getting naked other people become less self-conscious and will soon follow suit.

Also let the nudity come naturally. Do not try to force it. Ensure that everyone feels comfortable and is having a good time. The nudity should come from fun and games.



3. Keep the lights dim and the heat up


People will be more comfortable with their own nudity around others when the lights are low. If you have a thermostat gradually turn up the heat. No one likes to be cold. The warmer it gets the more natural it will feel to remove clothing.


4. Host a Jello wrestling event


Jello wrestling is slippery, sexy, fun and turns the art of removing clothes into a sport. As the competition host you will be able to set your own house rules. A popular rule is first to remove their opponents top is the winner!

5. Have a nighttime pool party or hot tub party


When a pool party takes place most people are wearing very minimal clothing to begin with. People often feel more comfortable getting nude under the water as the water slightly distorts vision.



6. Throw a foam party


People have a habit of getting outrageous in foam pits and will do many naughty things under the cover of bubbles. Remember that the bubbles won’t last forever and will eventually pop.



7. Have a water slide jumping castle party


Simple physics tells us that you slide faster when there is less friction. Clothes create friction between you and the slide. Point out this fact to your guests to encourage nudity. Sliding around on a wet jumping castle works just as well and also promotes cheeky horseplay.


8. Keep the invite numbers low


The average person would be more comfortable getting naked around a smallish number of drunks who are all participating in the shenanigans rather than a large crowd of randoms.



9. Start a tradition


Start a tradition of a nude activity (e.g. a nude run down the street or a midnight skinny dip). If people feel like it is an ongoing ritual, they will be less likely to want to break the tradition.


10. Ban Cameras or video phones


Footage of an event like this would be hilarious, however no one wants to be the next nude web sensation. Make sure that no one is filming or taking photos during the night.