Need an excuse to have a Crazy Town Party?

Need an excuse to have a Crazy Town Party? Here are some party ideas or events where our products have been used to dramatically increase the fun and laughter. Keep in mind that all our products are suitable for an enormous number of events. The following is not an exhaustive list but merely some party ideas to get you thinking of the endless party possibilities.

Our sumo wrestling suits are perfect for all milestone birthday parties including 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays. The large padded fat suits ensure that everyone has a hilarious time in a safe way. Sumo suits have also been used at numerous school fetes and other fundraisers where organisers charge up to $5 per wrestler.

Our foam machines have been used at large scale events such as Summafieldayze music festivals, Stampede mud fun runs, Nightclub events and promotional nights, along with smaller backyard parties and celebrations.

Mechanical Bulls have been used by companies at new product launches, work Christmas parties, and in pubs and clubs. Mechanical Bulls are a must have at any country western themed birthday party or event. Be sure to wear your cowboys and Indians costumes.

Greasy pole wrestling is a fantastic addition to any pool party or to escape the heat when you do not have a pool. Two competitors sit on a large slippery pole and attempt to throw one another off the pole into the inflatable pool of water below. Tell your party guests to bring their board shorts and bikinis for some sexy wrestling fun.

The inflatable Obstacle course is a favorite for sports teams. The obstacle course is set in two lanes so participants can race through the obstacle course and claim victory by being the first person to dive out the other side. Great for end of season break up parties, mad Mondays, drinking game competitions and more. The obstacle course is also popular for sweet 16th, 18th and 21st birthday parties as well as school fairs and carnivals.

The giant inflatable sports castle is great for team building activities and entertaining large groups. The sports castle is our largest inflatable and can have the most people playing at any one time. The sports castle includes an inflatable basketball court, volleyball court, soccer court and giant inflatable twister board. The perfect addition to any sport or olympic themed celebration and a great entertainer at work parties.

Bouncy Boxing is a great addition to any bucks party. The huge jumping castle boxing ring comes with helmets and two sets of ridiculously huge boxing gloves. The bachelor and his friends will have a great time belting each other all night at his stag party. The bouncy boxing ring and big gloves ensure no one is injured during the stag party games. Church youth groups find the bouncy boxing appealing to teenagers and often book this along with other interesting party items as a way to entertain teenagers without drugs or alcohol.

The Velcro Flywall and Gladiator duel is a three in one inflatable product. The gladiator Dueling is perfect for toga party decorations with a roman dueling theme. Buy or make your own toga party costumes and let the gladiator jousting games begin at your own toga parties. The Sticky wall is fun for all ages with large and small velcro suits available. The Velcro wall is a popular attraction at charity events and college and university parties.

The Adult jumping castles are great when you want to throw a party to relive your childhood. Jumping Castles are big attractions at shows and exhibitions. Fun for all ages. Our bouncers are designed to be tough enough to withstand adult shenanigans and they are big enough fit a lot children on them as well. Great for both adults and kids parties. Our bouncy castles are also designed to be covered in water for wet and wild parties.

Our Glow Party tent is full of UV lights that allow you to throw “Thailand full moon style” rave parties. The black lights strung throughout the tent make any fluorescent or white colours glow. Tattoo your friends with UV glow pens that illuminate under the black light blue bulbs. The Glow party package also comes with two beer pong tables with glowing cups and ping pong balls. Wear your fluros and be amazed by the joy of a fluro party UV blacklight rave.

The mechanical Surfboard is a must have at any beach party themed birthday party or celebration. The mechanical surfboard is also used regularly for nightclub and pub competitions, student nights, and beach party promo nights.

Crazy Town Parties also sells jelly wrestling packages. A Jelly wrestling kit will turn any special occasion into a wild day or night. The jelly wrestling jelly for sale is perfect for messy parties while still being a much cleaner form of entertainment than mud wrestling or pudding wrestling. The Crazy Town Parties website has jelly wrestling tips to guide you through throwing an amazing jelly wrestling event.