Jumping Castle Hire Packages - Book multiple items and save!

We are happy to create an inflatable package for you with any combination of products that you like. We offer discounts for hiring more than one item. If you would like a package that is different to those listed below please contact us for a quote. To help give you ideas we have listed some of the most popular inflatable / amusement / jumping castle packages and prices below.

Outside School Hours Care Jumping Castle Vacation Package

Hire a large jumping castle (6m x 6m) and a 12m obstacle course to keep the kid's out of your hair this holiday period. Up to 14 kids can bounce at a time on our huge jumping castles (designed for adults as well as kids). The obstacle course is the product with the highest turn over of participants. The line moves fast so the kid's don't get restless. Hire for a full day or if you have an indoor space were the equipment can be locked up, hire for multiple days in a row saving huge dollars. Normal price for both items for a full day hire - $1080. Package price - $980. Two full days hire $1,470 (save $690). More days? Request a quote.

School fete combo!

This package is fantastic for any fundraising event! No school fete is complete without a chance for students to dunk their teachers in a dunking machine (or visa versa), the kid's love it and you are certain to have a line up all day. Our jumping castles are very large and designed for all ages from kids to adults. This means the castles will draw attention and more kid's can bounce at the same time. Our obstacle courses are set in 2 lanes which allows kid's to race each other. Any child with a competitive nature will love this huge 20m long course (2 large inflatables joined together). The obstacle course is one of the best products for large crowds as children race through the course. The quick turnover of each session allows more people to participate and increases income.  Sumo wrestling suits are always a crowd favourite. The ridiculous looking suits are as fun for the participants as they are the people watching. We have the best padded suits and sumo equipment in QLD. Available in adult and children's sizes (add $150 to the package price for both sizes to be supplied). Normal price for all items - $2,100. Package price for full day hire - $1,770.  

OHSC Jumping Castle Vacation Package 2

This package contains 2 of our biggest items. We all know kid's have a short attention span and can loose interest in activities fairly quickly. I have seen from experience though that kid's will bounce on jumping castles for hours on end. Our enormous multi-sports themed jumping castle (designed for all ages) is an excellent pick as it has 5 games in the one big inflatable. The 12m x 6m (72m2) inflatable can be used as a regular jumping castle holding up to 28 kid's at a time. It has basketball hoops at each end, soccer goals at each end, a volleyball net through the middle and a twister board on the base. Add a 20m obstacle course to the package and you will entertain kid's (or adults) for days. Normal price for these items for a full day hire - $1,330. Package price for a full day hire - $1,230. Package price for 2 full days hire - $1,845. Package price for 3 full days hire - $2,245 (save $1,745). Want more days? Request a quote

Get wet and get wild with this wet products combo!

If things are heating up then these products are perfect to help you cool down. Our jumping castle water slide is an enormous 20m long inflatable. It comes with a 6m x 6m jumping castle at the back with a 14m long water slide attached. Designed for all ages from kids to adults, you can slip, slide and bounce all day. Our slippery wrestling pole inflatable is a super fun challenge game. Participants sit on slippery pole over an inflatable pool and attempt to knock their opponent into the water below. Your choice of a mega slip and slide or dunk tank dunking machine. The mega slip and slide is perfect if you have a bit of a hill. Participants get a run up and dive onto the slide, sliding 14m into the large pool at the end. Or hire a dunk tank and dunk your friends, family, coaches, teachers etc. Standard price for full day hire - $1,920. Package price (choice of slip and slide or dunk tank) - $1,590. All four items $2,040.

Bucks Party Package/Fight club

A day for the boys! Challenges, battles, competitions, throw in your own drinks, and perhaps some sexy female referees and you are all set! The package includes one set of adult sumo wrestling suits, one bouncy boxing ring with oversized boxing gloves, and one gladiator duel/velcro wall inflatable combo. Normally valued at $1,410. Hire all three items for a full day or overnight hire for $1,190.  

Inflatable Fun Run Course

Looking to do a tough mudder style fun run course at your school or sports club? This is the package for you! Fun runs are an excellent fundraising idea, they encourage exercise which is great for health and they are a heap of fun. Lure more competitors to your event with these awesome obstacles! The package includes - 2 x inflatable arches (start and finish), a 12m inflatable obstacle course, a slide inflatable with climbing wall, an army crawl net, a large bouncy castle inflatable, and 2 x wipeout style big balls inflatables. The whole course is set in two lanes so competitors can compete side by side. This whole package for a full day hire only $2,940.