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INSTANT MUD for mud wrestling provides all the fun, laughter, and joy of playing in what appears to be a 'dirty' mud, but without the sticks, smell, dirt, bugs and viruses that can come from playing in actual mud.
This instant clean mud can be used for many hilarious games. 

Don't worry about getting it in your mouth. It's completely clean, very dirty looking mud!

Don't worry about getting it in your mouth. It's completely clean, very dirty looking mud!

Inside the mud wrestling package is 1.8kg of powder. Simply add 230 litres of water and immediately the mud powder will begin to transform into a slimy, thick, slippery, sludge, that is perfect for wrestling in! What is mud wrestling? Click here to learn more about mud wrestling!

Instant mud is also great for fundraising events and games such as mud pies, party games, mud bomb fights (fill water bombs with mud), mud blasters (mud filled water guns), race to find the object hidden in the mud, mud pie fights, and Special effects SFX!

Click on our Instant Mud page and learn heaps more about making instant mud the hero of your next fundraising event!

Oil Wrestling, Pudding Wrestling, Chocolate Wrestling, Tar SFX!

Mud comes in many colours ranging from grey to brown to black. Our special fake mud formula looks quite dark when sitting in the pool but appears lighter when it covers your body, face and hair. Our fake mud has been designed so it could also resemble chocolate mud cake icing, pudding, or oil. Whether you want to refer to the games as mud wrestling, pudding wrestling, oil wrestling or chocolate wrestling, we guarantee you that the result will be the same. People will get mucky, sludge will fly, participants will laugh, spectators will cheer, memories will last, and entertainment will be redefined.  

Mud Wrestling Rules

For a list of mud wrestling rules and different games to play in the mud click here - Mud Wrestling rules! 

If you would prefer to wrestling in a pool of jello, click here for -  jelly wrestling rules

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