Buy an Inflatable Crawl Pool with Net to create awesome fun run obstacles

Now available to purchase from our Mighty Memorable brand are these super fun inflatable crawl pools with net covering. They are a perfect addition to any fun run, colour run or mud run. Set this inflatable obstacle up somewhere on your track and fill it up with water, fun run slime or fun run mud.

To complete the challenge participants have to get down low and army crawl 4m through the pool underneath the net 90cm high net.

Water sprinklers can be attached to the D-Rings on the top of the crawl pool inflatable to make water rain down over your competitors (an awesome idea for a hot race day). The pool can also be filled with our unique slime, mud or jelly products. 

Quality Fun Run Obstacles

Our inflatable crawl pools are manufactured by the same company that makes all of our large jumping castles and inflatable water slides. The material they use is a thick, heavy duty PVC, that is designed to last for many events over a number of years. The inflatable comes with a large number of D-Rings attached to give you many spots to attach the crawl net or a sprinkler system. The heavy duty anchors on the base allow you to anchor the pool to the ground so it will not blow away in the wind. Each inflatable comes with a powerful electric pump for easy inflation and deflation, a heavy duty carry bag and a large net. 

Inflatable Crawl Pit Dimensions

Our Inflatable Crawl Pits are 4m long x 2.5m wide by 0.9m tall. As shown in the photos and videos, the pools can safely fit a number of kids at the same time. If you have a large school and are worried about the number of participants entering the pool at the same time, we suggest you stagger the start times of your event. Participants will stretch further apart as a race goes on (with faster kids reaching obstacles ahead of others), so having the crawl pool later on in the course can be a good idea as the pack will have stretched out. Alternatively, if you have the budget for it, multiple crawl pools can be set up side by side to allow multiple lanes thus accommodating a much larger number of participants. 

Slime Crawl Pool