Human Foosball Hire - Life Sized Table Soccer

Human Foosball Hire and inflatable soccer field rentals are now available in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Gympie!!

Human Foosball

Human Foosball is the human sized version of table soccer or foosball. The game consists of six players per side with the objective being to score a goal in the opponents goal. The catch is that players are strapped in so they can only move sideways over a small area. Each player is also attached to a team mate meaning that they need to work together in order to move side to side across the field. The Human foosball is an excellent addition for team events, sporting days and corporate challenges and is a perfect way to encourage team work and communication in an incredibly fun way. 

Inflatable Soccer Field Hire

The harnesses in our Human Foosball field can be removed so that the field can be used as a normal soccer field. Great for corporate functions and private parties in venues or parks where sports equipment is not available. Easily add a game of soccer to a picnic in the park with this inflatable field.

Human Foosball Hire Prices - Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Gympie

Human Foosball Hire is available for the following prices

$540 for a 3 hour hire plus delivery (delivery within 30 minutes of our warehouses is free, view the delivery areas tab above for more information)

$640 for an all day or overnight hire plus delivery

$840 for an all weekend hire (deliver Friday afternoon collect Monday morning) plus delivery.


*Important Information* - Human Foosball must be set up on soft grass so we can peg down the ropes/harnesses. The game cannot be set up on hard surfaces. We can set up an inflatable soccer field on a hard surface but cannot attach the foosball harnesses! If the ground is too hard we will set up soccer only.


Inflatable Soccer Field Hire is available for the following prices - 

$390 for a 3 hour hire plus delivery (delivery within 30 minutes drive of our warehouse is free, check the delivery areas tab above).

$490 for an all day or overnight hire plus delivery

$690 for an all weekend hire plus delivery (deliver Friday afternoon collect Monday morning).

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FAQ and Important information about Human Foosball Hire

Does the Inflatable Soccer Field require power?

Yes. To set up an inflatable soccer field we require access to a standard power point within 50m of the set up area. We will bring extension cords. If there is no power on site we can bring a generator for an additional fee. Please discuss this with us prior to the day if a generator will be required.

What surface is required?

The Human Foosball field must be set up on soft grass so we can peg the ropes and harnesses into the ground. If the selected surface is too hard for us to insert the pegs we will have to supply the soccer field only (without the foosball ropes).

The inflatable soccer field (without the harnesses) can be set up on grass or hard surfaces. We use ground pegs to anchor the inflatable when used on grass. If you plan to have the inflatable on a hard surface please advise us of this so we can pack sandbags to anchor the football field instead of pegs. A flat surface is best for games of soccer or foosball.

What space is required?

The inflatable soccer field is 20m long by 10m wide and will require a minimum of 21m x 11m. Please ensure that you have adequate room prior to booking.

What happens if it is raining on the day of the human foosball soccer field hire?

If the weather turns sour and you wish to postpone or cancel the hire please advise us in the morning of the event. The inflatable soccer field can still be used in light or patchy showers. It is not suitable for use in storms or high winds. If cancellation occurs due to bad weather prior to us setting up the equipment, you can postpone the event or we can offer you a full refund.

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