How to Play Two Table Mega Beer Pong

Mega Pong is similar to normal beer pong but involves more cups and more beer. Depending on how much you wish to drink, it is advisable to play in teams of five or more.
The Set Up 

This game requires two beer pong tables placed side by side. Start at the back and put as many cups are you can in a line, then work forward to make a pyramid. Fill the cups with beer as usual.

How to play 

Make sure that every player on the starting team has a beer pong ball. It is not the other team's turn until everyone has thrown their beer pong ball. When cups are made they are left on the beer pong tables until the end of the turn. If someone from your team makes it in the same cup as you then it counts for 3 cups. If you make 3 balls in the same cup it is 5 cups pulled.
As with standard beer pong bouncing the ball into a cup counts as 2. Once a ball touches the table or a cup the opposing team is able to grab it or swat it away from their cups. There are no re-racks in this beer pong game so teams should be strategic about their tosses.