How to Play Flip Cup

Flip cup is a hilarious relay boat race style drinking game 
(Beer On A Table Race). This drinking game is fun for everybody so make sure you include the oldies at the party e.g. your parents and grandparent. Flip cup is played in even numbers and can be played with as many players as you can fit around a beer pong table.
The Set Up 

The game is normally played in teams of four or five. Players line up with their team along opposite lengths of the table as shown below (1,2,3,4 v 5,6,7,8). Each player begins the game with a cup of beer filled to a similar height.
Note: It is up to you how much beer you put in each cup to begin the game. Heavy drinkers sometimes fill a whole cup. The average game is usually played with cups filled 1/3 of the way up. Whatever you decide, just make sure it is consistent and that all players begin with the same amount of beer in their cups.
How to Play Flip Cup

Players 1 and 5 begin the game. With cup in hand they touch their cup to the table, touch the cup to one another’s (this is known as the opening ceremony) then touch the cup once again to the table before drinking the contents of their cup as fast as they can.
Once their cup is empty they place the cup on the edge of the table and attempt to flip the cup over so it lands upside down on it’s rim. If they are unsuccessful they place the cup back on the edge of the table and try again until they succeed.
Once player 1 has successfully landed his cup on the rim it is player 2’s turn to pick up their cup, drink the contents and flip it. The first team to have all their players drink their drink and successfully flip their cup is the winner. Only one player on each team is allowed to have their hand on their cup at any point of the game. If player 8 grabs their cup before player 7 has finished their turn Shenanigans can be called. House rules determine what penalties apply in the event of a shenanigans violation.