Civil War

Civil War is a beer pong game involving six players, quicker shooting, and faster action. The game is played with three beer pong balls and 3 players on each team (1,2,3 vs 4,5,6). 

Setting up the Civil War Beer Pong Table

Three cups are aligned in front of each player as shown below. The three cups in front of you are your cups. Anytime a ball lands in one of your cups you must consume the drink and remove it from the table before you are able to continue play.

How to play – winning the game

In this game the only time players are not able to shoot is when they are required to drink a cup of beer. At all other times there is no need to wait for anything before you are able to shoot your ball. If you have a ball you are able to shoot away! This means for example, that if you shoot a ball, it hits the front of the opposing team’s cup and bounces back to you, you are able to grab the ball and immediately shoot again. If it rolls off the beer pong table and you are the first person to collect it, that’s your ball and you get to shoot it. There are no boundaries.

In no particular order, your team aims to land a ball in each of the opposing players cups to eliminate them from the game. Once a player’s cups are gone, they can no longer shoot. They can however help their team gather loose balls and distract opposing players. Your team can decide who they want to take out first depending on their shooting ability and ball gathering skills. The first team to eliminate all of their opponent’s cups is the winner and the losing team is required to consume any remaining drinks on the beer pong table.
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