Black Lights and Neon Party Decorations for the best Glow Parties!

Our Glow Party World ® range of products have been specially designed to help you have the best glow in the dark parties. We believe that the easiest, most effective and visually spectacular, way to set up a Glow in the Dark Party is by using black lights and fluorescent coloured decorations that illuminate underneath the UV light.

Black Lights

Glow Party Decorations

Our Glowave™ black light kits were specially developed for glow parties. Each kit comes with four long LED black lights so you can surround a party in UV light. One Glowave kit is all you need to light up a large room or party area with an incredible glow. Click here to buy Black lights or learn more. 

Our amazing range of neon party decorations look great during the day and fantastic at night underneath UV black lights. Get creative and make stunning displays for parties, school dances and other glow in the dark events. Click here for decorating ideas or to buy glow party decorations.