The best black lights for glow parties!

We have the best black lights in Australia for setting up your own black light rave parties. The Glowave™ Black Light Glow Party Kit comes with 4 long length black lights, yours to keep for the low price of $129 including postage anywhere in Australia. Due to the low cost of buying these incredible new black lights we are no longer offering black light party hire.  

Watch the videos below for more information on buying and setting up your very own black light glow party. We have also included links to our partner website in the USA which offers heaps more information about how to have an amazing glow in the dark party! Scroll to the bottom or click here for a complete black light glow party guide!

How to set up a black light glow party longer instructional video

Glow Party Body Art Pens

Click here to see and buy our incredible range of invisible ink and ultra bright UV reacting glow pens. Postage available Australia wide.

Crazy Town Parties is the only Australia and New Zealand distributor for the amazing glow party products from - Glow Party World

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