Foam Machine Hire Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Coast & Gympie

Hire a high powered foam cannon and cover everyone in foam! We have the best foam machines available for hire in South East QLD.

Our foam machine hire is great for private parties, night club events, youth groups, or for use as obstacles in fun runs and mud runs.

Powerful Foam machines for hire

Foam Party Hire Prices

Foam Machine Hire is $500 for an all day or overnight hire plus delivery (delivery within 30 minutes drive of our warehouses is free, check the delivery areas tab above for more information).

This price includes the foam machine, shelf, foam fluid tanks and 3 containers of foam fluid. 3 containers of foam fluid will last about 2 hours with fairly constant use. Additional foam fluid is $90 per container.

Foam Tunnel Hire is $590 for an all day or overnight hire plus delivery. This package is designed for fun runs. It includes everything in the package above as well as a high vis barricade to container the foam in an area for participants to run through.

FAQs and Important Information about Foam Machine Hire

Do we need power for the foam machine hire?

On the day of the hire we will require access to a standard power point within 50m of the set up area. If there is no power on site we can bring a generator for an additional fee. Please discuss this with us prior to the day if a generator will be required.

Do we need water for the foam machine rental?

On the day of the hire we require access to a water tap that we can attach a standard garden hose to. The water supply should be within 50m of the set up area. Each container of foam fluid needs to be mixed with 220L of water. The standard package comes with 3 containers of foam fluid. If there is no water tap within range we will not be able to operate a foam machine.

Will the people and the area get wet at the foam party?

Yes! To create foam water is required. 220L of water is mixed with each container of foam fluid. All of this water will end up on your guests or on the floor. It's all part of the wet and slippery fun. The foam equipment is not suitable for areas that are sensitive to water. If you wish to set up foam equipment at a venue you are best to select a concrete area with suitable drainage, a car park or grassed area. We will not be held responsible for damage to carpet, wooden floors, electrical equipment etc that is in the foam machine set up area.

Do you need to contain the foam?

The foam will spray out from a high shelf over the heads of your party guests. If you are setting up in an open area you may wish to create some walls to help contain the foam to an area. If you do not contain the foam it is more likely to blow away in the wind. If you are planning a fun run obstacle you can hire our foam tunnel which barricades the foam into a narrow space for runners to run through.

Do we supply foam pits or foam tents? 

We no longer supply foam pits or tents to barricade the foam. If you wish for the foam to be contained to an area you will need to provide your own barricades.

How long will the foam fluid last?

30L of foam fluid concentrate will last 1 hr if you have it going constantly.
You can make this last longer if you have breaks. For example, If you have it on for 1 minute out of 3 mins (or 2 mins out of 6 mins) it will last you for 3 hours.

Who will operate the foam machine?

Our standard foam machine prices do not include an operator. We will give you instructions on how to operate the foam machine. You will be required to provide an operator who should be present during the set up so we can give them instructions. If you would like us to operate the equipment we may be able to do so for an additional fee per hour. Please discuss this with us. 

Kate's 18th Foam Party! Click the pic.