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We are very excited to announce our new inflatable arches available to pre-order now for stock arriving end of 2020. These inflatable arches have a range of features making them super versatile and able to be used for a large number of different events. Easily change your arch from a Welcome Arch to a Start of Finish arch with large interchangeable banners! Click here to learn more about our inflatable arches!

Buy Jumping Castles and Other Inflatables - Australia

Crazy Town Parties co-founders Jake and John Weller have over 11 years of experience in designing and importing the best inflatable amusement equipment for Australia. After many years servicing South East QLD with hire equipment we have decided to transition our business into a product sales business. We have contacts with some of the best inflatable suppliers from around the world and we know how to design products to ensure they are visually appealing, awesome fun, and manageable in size and weight. All products sold will be made to meet Australian Standards with high quality, built in safety features. We are in the process of setting up this operation. If you have any interest in purchasing items brand new similar to those that we had previously listed for hire then please fill out the form below to register your interest.

PLEASE NOTE - We have already sold all of our old hire equipment. We will only be selling new equipment in the future. 

Items in stock and made to order

Help us decide which items to keep in stock by filling out the form below. We will also be able to have products made to order if you would like your equipment branded with a name or logo.

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